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Tai Chi is perhaps the best self-help remedy for stress available.

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Good health is a gift you can give to yourself! Take a look through your beginners Tai Chi book and watch the video of these first five sets of Tai Chi for beginners. Performed by Howard & Gisela Gibbon on the cliff top in Scarborough on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast near their home. The specially written music and the beautiful Tai Chi movements will give you an idea of the relaxing benefits of Tai Chi for beginners. We truly hope you will try it for yourself because it is perfect for beginners. Learn the ancient Chinese secrets of health and long life. Use the techniques of Tai Chi to gain the health and happiness you deserve now – and keep that increased good health for the rest of your life. There is no greater wealth than to be healthy and happy. Investment in your health will return untold profits to you in greater happiness and quality of life.

Learn How To Do Tai Chi Tai Chi practise with Howard & Gisela Gibbon

Tai Chi Benefits – What some students say.

Research on Tai Chi:

Research has shown that for beginners Tai Chi is an absolute boon in combating stress. Stress is one of modern life’s major health problems and a contributor to some of the most disabling diseases such as heart problems and hypertension etc. You have probably heard of Tai Chi as it has been seen on TV a lot in recent years, in fact my wife and I have been in a couple of programmes ourselves. So we are now officially ‘loveys’! We would like to give you the opportunity to take a look at Tai Chi for beginners without any strings attached. We are proud of our Tai Chi; it goes way back and offers something for everyone with an interest in keeping healthy. The ‘Tai Chi Form’ is a sequence of movements which are performed in a standing position. The Tai Chi movements are slow and graceful; they are also a splendid therapeutic exercise. After having mastered a few movements of the Tai Chi form, as you practise, the muscles of the body will start to relax. The mind, because it is required to focus on the physical movements, stops racing from one thought to another. The mind now starts to become calm. With a little regular practice, you will develop a feeling of serenity. This is why Tai Chi is often described as ‘Meditation with Movement’. Tai Chi Ch’uan is usually translated by scholars to mean the ‘Supreme Ultimate’. Through your Tai chi practise you will learn many things about yourself which will help you understand the world around you better. The depth of understanding one can obtain from the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is inexhaustible. In my experience it is a system of self development second to none. As you learn a few moves and practise them you will feel the benefits for sure. Practise two or three times a week or better still every day and the improvements to your stress levels and your overall health and happiness will grow in leaps and bounds. The bad news is: Whilst Tai Chi is a fantastic tool for keeping your physical and mental faculties in good order – you have to practise. Over the last 43 years I have taken thousands of Tai Chi beginners classes and workshops and have watched thousands of people improve their health and well-being with Tai Chi. Often I get to speak to people in the breaks or after classes and they tell me how learning Tai Chi has transformed their entire lifestyle, making them more relaxed, and able to enjoy life more fully, and in life’s difficult times, deal with problems in a calmer more focused manner. We are doing what we love to do, teaching Tai Chi and by doing so helping people to help themselves be healthy and happy.

Testimonials  Good Morning Howard, Thank you so much for my free Tai Chi for beginners Book. So inspiring. Tai Chi has been something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Your book, which is so beautifully & lovingly written, has led me to join a Tai Chi Class. I know I’m meant to be in it, & although I’m not doing everything exact, the slow, graceful movements make me feel so very peaceful & happy. Thank you again, kind regards, Sandra Cousins

‘My husband and I are surprising ourselves – we are actually sticking with some exercise! We can increase the degree of difficulty as we please, and our joints get looked after in the process. I wish we had found this earlier.’ Tom and Elizabeth

Howard Gibbon – Author of The Tai Chi For Beginners Book

Testimonial from Sir Steve Russell Founder and Dean of the INTEGRATIVE COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC MEDICINES: During my many years in practice in Holistic Medicine covering the whole spectrum of therapies I have had the honour to meet a few practitioners of unquestionable ability and dedication to their art. MASTER HOWARD GIBBON ranks highly with any of them. This becomes immediately obvious when one watches this modest man in action. He has a unique empathetic way of teaching where even in a class of a number of students one feels they are the only ones being taught. MASTER HOWARD GIBBON’S many filled classes throughout the North – East of England are a true testimony to this man who has dedicated his life to the cause. Howard is a holder of the highest grade issued by Grandmaster Chee Soo and is the Chief Instructor for The East – West Taoist Association. Howard also has a Diploma in: Advanced Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Taoist Practices from the ‘Integrative College of Holistic Medicines’ The ‘Integrative College of Holistic Medicines’ is affiliated to and accredited by: Association of Holistic Practitioners (International) The Open International University of Complementary Medicines.

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Howard Gibbon 15 Guards Court, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. YO12 6QR England.

Email: howard@ewta.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1723 354072

Using Tai Chi to help others gain better health and happiness

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