Tai Chi Training Courses

 Tai Chi Training Courses For 2017

Tai Chi Course Instructor: Howard Gibbon

Howard’s Scarborough Tai Chi Course Fees £60

Sat 2nd September Scarborough   10am to 4pm  Tai Chi/Feng Shou

Sat 9th September Rotherham Tai Chi 10-30pm – Advanced Tai Chi 2.30 – 4pm

Sat 7th October Scarborough   10am to 4pm  Tai Chi Only

Sun 15th October Stokesley, North Yorkshire   10am to 2pm  Tai Chi

Sat 21st October Redcar (1pm to 4pm) Tai Chi Grading. Advanced Tai Chi (4pm to 5pm)

Area Workshops Session check cost with your instructor

Sat 4th November Scarborough 10am to 4pm  Tai Chi/Feng Shou

Sat 25th November Edinburgh 10am to 4pm  Tai Chi

Sat 2nd December Scarborough 10am to 4pm  Tai Chi/Kai Men/Meditation


SCARBOROUGH: Scalby Parish Hall, Scalby Rd, (A170)
Scalby, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.  Map

Howard’s Scarborough Tai Chi Training Day Course Fees £60

Area Workshops Sessions check cost with your instructor 

REDCAR:  Redcar East Community Centre, Durham Rd, Redcar TS10 3SB  Map

Sunderland: Ryhope Community Association, Black Road, Ryhope, Sunderland SR2 0RX Map

Thornhill: Thornhill Social Club, Overthorpe Road, Thornhill, Dewsbury WF12 0BQ Map

ROTHERHAM: Broom Methodist Church, Broom Lane, Rotherham, S60 3EL  Map

EDINBURGH: 1 Wright’s Houses Edinburgh EH10 4HR Map

Why We Travel To Scarborough To Train With Howard

email Howard  howard@ewta.co.uk


Thank you Howard for travelling up to Sunderland on Saturday to hold a training day locally. It is a valuable opportunity for students in the area to improve their skills and understanding of  T’ai Chi from the best. Everyone who attended enjoyed the day and felt they had learned loads. Eileen, a keen student said “it was chance to meet you in person” as she had seen you in videos and of course heard your name mentioned in class. Lawrie and Alex our trainee instructors had thoroughly enjoyed the day and wish to pass on their thanks to you. We even had a student who had only been training a few weeks attend the course just to meet you…and see what its all about. Oooh and I mustn’t forget Gordon who travelled from Redcar to train -now that’s dedication. Me and Gordon have quite a bit of sword to remember-about 25 new moves. Ah well – it keep us out of trouble…off to practice now before work.

thanks a million

Sue – Sunderland


Hi Howard

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of Tai Chi at Redcar on Saturday. It was good to see so many friends from Sunderland and further afield. It was helpful to practice in groups working with people from other classes.  I am glad we had enough cake for everyone.  Hope to see you in November at the Scalby.
Thanks again Denise – Redcar


Hi Howard,
Thank you for the training on Saturday. I learnt enough in the first 30 seconds from you to
keep busy for the next few months.
See you soon
Matt Lake – Wales


Dear Howard and Gisela,
What a great day we had at the Edinburgh course.  It was very busy indeed and everyone (45 of us) enjoyed the day.  It was amazing to see students from Redcar, Leeds and Hull coming all the way to Edinburgh to train with you, and I would like to thank them for their support in travelling to Scotland.  We look forward to the regular courses you are planning for Edinburgh, so we may progress in our training with you.
Thank you.
Denise Cunningham – Edinburgh


Dear Howard – Thank you for coming to Redcar last Saturday.  My students that attended the day  were full of enthusiasm and praise about the great day you had given them – when I saw them in class the following week.
Best wishes from Redcar.
Dorothy Griffin – Marske by the Sea


Hi Howard,
Thanks for another enjoyable day in Scarborough. I will be able to come along to Ossett in March and Scarborough the following week. I will also be able to come for both days of the Easter course. It is good to be back training regularly as part of a group and I am definitely learning a lot from you and your senior students.
Warm Regards
Carl Pearson – Coventry


I just wanted to say thank you for another great training day yesterday. For some reason I wasn’t really feeling up for it last week and I actually considered not coming a few times. I think it was because I have not been able to practice very much this month with the weather being rubbish as I usually practice on my drive. However, as always the day was well worth the effort, and more, and I came away feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. Indeed I stayed in a positive frame of mind all evening even after driving home.This makes me think I was probably calm and relaxed as well, allowing me to enjoy the journey home rather than dreading it ! Also it just goes to show that reality can be vastly different from expectations particularly when this may be driven by fear and negativity, if you see what I mean. So a big thank you once again.
Kind regards to you and Gisela,
Chris. Heczko – Rotherham


Hi Howard,
I started to learn Tai Chi 4 years ago by going to a regular weekly class. As well as some excellent classes in my area (West Yorkshire) I have got a lot from the day courses which I have attended both in Ossett and Scarborough.  Far from being tiring, these day classes usually really help to develop skills and expand knowledge as well as being a great day doing something different. I look forward to my next visit to Scarborough. See you at Easter.
Nicola Smith – Wakefield

Hi Howard, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the course on Saturday and the Feng Shou on Friday.  Its great to work in a class (both classes really) where everyone wants to learn and is willing to work together.  We are really lucky to have found you.   You are always so approachable and passionate about what you do.   I like your clear and non-fussy explanations – they make so much sense! I really like that you don’t take offence when someone asks you something but are comfortable enough within yourself to say ‘I’ll just check that’ and you go look at your folder.   You are a fine example for all teachers and really these qualities are what ‘passing on the arts’ is all about, not only passing on the principles and techniques of the Lee Style. These are good principles of how to act as a Taoist.  So many people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

I’m really into the Feng Shou and love getting to Mark’s class.  He is also an excellent teacher and clear and patient.  They are a really lovely group on the Friday night and we are always given a warm welcome. Everyone gives generously of their time and experience.  I wish we could get there on a more regular basis but we must just appreciate & make the most of the time we have there.

Well, thanks again. Best wishes to Gisela
Angela Smith – Edinburgh


Hello Howard,
I would just like to say thanks for the last two Saturday’s, firstly at Ossett and then Scarborough. As usual both days were hugely enjoyable, fascinating and very educational. Elliott has asked that I say thanks for the Feng Shou at Ossett, he had a great time and spent the rest of the afternoon practising the sword.
This week has been one of those where I have seemingly not stopped, back in Scarborough on Monday, Bridlington on Tuesday etc. I have been rushing around like a madman [less of the comments please!] and it made me think of all the sales training programs I have attended over the years. They all seem to be based on numbers, seemingly as if by magic a number will give you the secret of success [as defined by your sales manager!]. There have been the 3 stages, the 3 steps and even the 3 triangles [that one was weird!], then the 5 steps, 7 steps, 9 steps etc. All of which were carefully designed to make your life easier whilst asking you to essentially format your sales pitch and whole life around a set of artificial targets. The only benefit that I ever witnessed was to the pocket of the company selling the sales training!
All of this made me think of Tai Chi, because after years of being brainwashed and told how to maximise business the reality is that the only number you need is 1. The one stands for yourself and Tai Chi is the perfect method to develop yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. The various components of Tai Chi harness the natural energy, boost your confidence, help with struggling through the tough days and generally open your eyes to your potential. Unlike the various numbered sales training schemes Tai Chi does not promise instant success, however it does give you the means to succeed honestly and with lasting long term effect. And the real beauty of Tai Chi is that the more you practise, and attend classes the more you learn and achieve. Even as you believe you have mastered the first 50 moves of the form suddenly there opens up a deeper aspect of the moves with subtle improvements. Tai Chi constantly helps you to achieve your potential and should be compulsory!
Thank you.
Richard Pass – Horbury


Hi Howard
Thanks for another great workshop on easter saturday. I think I took a great deal away from the day, with your help and from the others like Mark Kirby and Angela from Edinburgh. Sorry that I could make the Sunday.
Just thought I would mention that beside my dedicated EWTA class in Holmfirth, I also ran a class for the over 50s group in Holmfirth for six years which helped me develop and the people there were very supportive. Ultimately though besides your self and Giselle I owe a great deal of thanks to Mark Popplewell for his guidance and support and have told him so.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ian Linley – Batley


Hi Howard,
A belated thank you for the Easter Saturday Course. I really enjoyed it and it was great to be able to do Tai Chi in the sunshine. I learned lots, please thank Mark for his input too. I hope to get to the course at Redcar in October.

Thanks again Best Wishes
Eva Everitt – Redcar


Hello Howard,

What an excellent day! Apart from my obvious delight at passing the practical the whole day was inspiring and fun and as usual an insight into the depth of Tai Chi and it’s associated arts. Who would guess that Riding Horse could fill 30 minutes of discussion and learning, yet it did and more.

Absolutely wonderful, can’t wait for the next one.

Cheers, Richard – West Yorkshire


Hi Howard,  Thank you for your invaluable time and help yesterday.  Please could you also thank Mark for his time as I did not have an opportunity at the end of the course.
See you Oct, Dorothy Griffin – Redcar