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Tai Chi Newsletter readers comments

Good morning Howard,

As usual the Tai Chi Newsletter is full of interesting, funny and thought provoking articles. I really look forward to reading it each month and it usually manages to land on my laptop just as I am cheesed of with some part of life!

Hope to see you soon.
Richard – West Yorkshire


Hi Howard, John here.

Just sending you this E-MAIL thanking you for sending me the Tai Chi Newsletter..
I have read it and enjoyed every thing that I read.
Please keep sending me them.

Thank you. John Egan – Hull


Hi Howard,

I really enjoyed the article in your January Tai Chi Newsletter on Tea Tree oil.  I’ve found Tea Tree oil to be very effective as a general antiseptic. I always keep some Tea Tree and lavender oils in the house. I find people are almost always surprised at how effective they are and how easy they are to use.

Best Regards, James Adman – Bristol


Subject:  RE: newsletter.
Is it possible to receive the July issue of the Tai Chi Newsletter. I would so appreciate it. I have printed out all those that are available and I am enjoying them very much. I am so pleased that I subscribed, I find the newsletter well balanced in information, articles and humour which I did not expect.

Thank you, sincerely, Victoria Noble


Thanks also for your superb monthly tai chi newsletter. It is really interesting and informative especially the herbal remedy section.

Ian – West Yorkshire

Very Professional Mark – West Yorkshire


Brilliant keep up the good work Angie – Scarborough


Hi Howard and Gisela I hope this mail finds you both well. I received your December Tai Chi Newsletter about a week ago and read it at breakneck speed whilst trying to fit in the other 101 jobs I had set myself. For some reason I read it again today and particularly enjoyed the Winter Solstice item. It made me realise I was in headless chicken mode, and perhaps I should take more time to enjoy what I have done and enjoy the people I have met rather than try to fit in so much that all becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. Thank you both and may your Christmas be special.

Vic – Tyne & Wear

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