Millions Of People Now Practise Tai Chi Around The World…

Tai Chi is perhaps the best self-help remedy for stress available.

Try Tai Chi in the comfort of your own home and find out for yourself the tranquillity Tai Chi brings.

You have nothing to lose – Better health and wellbeing to gain

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The Beginners Online Training is Normally £12.50pm - Today For You Only £9.00pm

Extra Online Bonus - This online subscription service Includes 24 Dao Yin Exercises and 20 Kai Men (Chi Gung exercises)

See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

Hi Howard, I simply wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your training video today. It's the first serious look I have given your videos and I was pleasantly surprised at their quality. I really appreciate how much work must have gone into creating this material and I am sure this will be a huge resource for your students. There is an elegance and grace to your form that is a pleasure to watch and the detail of the presentation will be a joy to learn from.

So I simply wanted to thank you. All the very best

Peter - Surrey

I just logged on now. It's brilliant. Anytime anywhere tai chi training. Just Perfect! Thank you for going to so much trouble for us all.

Margaret Eames - Sheffield

Hi Howard, I just joined up, very cool site. I must admit, it is cool to be learning some new techniques and I have only been on for five minutes.

Thanks Will – Alice Springs, Australia

So I’m keen for you to at least try this for yourself, to see just how effective it can be for unleashing your hidden Chi energy, creating a new optimum life balance, and transforming all areas of your being.

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I’m certain that, when you follow my programme, your life will be changed for the better.

Which is why I’m happy to offer you the following guarantee…

If you are not happy with The Tai Chi Beginners Online Programme for any reason – or for no reason at all – simply email me at: within 30 days and you’ll receive a full and unconditional refund of your money – guaranteed.

How To Enjoy A Happy And Stress-Free Life – For The Rest Of Your Life…

This is a wonderful opportunity for you. You risk nothing (as you are covered by my cast-iron 30-day money-back guarantee), and you’ve everything to gain by investing in yourself with my home study DVD programme. I’ll prove to you beyond any doubt that you can experience lifelong happiness, for you, your family and your friends, and enjoy a truly fulfilling life.

Imagine. The chance to enjoy enhanced self-esteem and get rid of your negative emotions for good.

With my help and support – in the pages of The Tai Chi Beginners Programme – this is now within your reach.

Having seen the results working with my students and friends over my years of practicing Tai Chi since 1973, I know you can benefit from the improved lifestyle The Tai Chi Beginners Programme will provide you. And yes, that means your family and friends will benefit too and love the ‘new you’.

Let me help you discover the ‘Inner You’ as I have with so many others.

Reconnect to the world… Change your life by taking positive action now. I know from personal experience just how effective Tai Chi is. You’ve seen what others have said about my programme. Now it’s your turn to discover this life-changing information and transform your life for the better too…

Here’s How To Reserve Your Tai Chi DVD Beginners Programme…

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I look forward to helping you very soon. I guarantee you’ll be glad you joined.

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If you have any physical, emotional, mental or medical condition, please consult your healthcare provider regarding whether or not the exercises in this programme are appropriate for you.

Any physical or other distress experienced during or after any exercise should not be ignored and should be brought to the attention of a healthcare professional.

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