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“Just a note to say hi,

I have been taking my time with each move. I’m up to move 21, yeah!!!!! Your instructions are excellent. First I watch you do the move. Then, I try the move, while watching you. Then, practice until it feels right. Then add it to the moves learned so far… practice and practice some more. Truly enjoy watching you and Gisela doing the first 50 moves, helps to get the timing down for individual moves, flow from move to move, timing between the upper and lower body movements, when to shift your weight, etc. Taking it slow gives me time to see/study the subtle moves, such as the feet. The hand movements are easier to see, but the slight foot movements, take a little longer to get right. Would love to travel to Scarborough, to take part in your week long summer class. Maybe once I have the first 50 moves down. Hopefully, I will be retired in a year or two… Then, my husband and I hope to travel a bit. All the best to you and yours.” 

Irene Jones - Canada

The Beginners Online Training is Normally £12.95pm - For You Only £9pm

Try the programme that suits you best Free for 30 Days. If you decide to remain a member after the trial period there is nothing to do your subscription will continue automatically. If you don't wish to continue, just drop me an email before the 30 days are up, and I will cancel your subscription.

For Intermediate and advanced practitioners take a look at the silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

The Silver Online Training is Normally £20.00pm - Today For You Only £15pm

What some more of our Members are saying:

Hi Howard, I simply wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your training videos today. It’s the first serious look I have given your videos and I was pleasantly surprised at their quality. I really appreciate how much work must have gone into creating this material and I am sure this will be a huge resource for beginners and your students. There is an elegance and grace to your form that is a pleasure to watch and the detail of the presentation will be a joy to learn from. So I simply wanted to thank you.

All the very best, Peter – Surrey

I’m really enjoying watching the training clips on your new “Tai Chi Online Training” website. They bring back so many memories of training with Trevor and/or the Old Man. I feel it’s an important resource for the Lee (Li) Arts for both current and future students. I’m currently only practising the T’ai Chi Ch'uan, but the Feng Shou clips bought the memories flooding back. Nic Bravin – Guildford, Surrey.

I just logged on now. It’s brilliant. Anytime anywhere tai chi training. Just Perfect! Thank you for going to so much trouble for us all.

Margaret Eames – Sheffield

“Hi Howard. I really like the new Tai Chi Programme – it is wonderful that someone can learn directly from it if they have no teacher nearby. But what a lot of work must have gone into the production. Take care.

Geraldine Jones – Edinburgh

“My husband and I are surprising ourselves – we are actually sticking with some exercise! We can increase the degree of difficulty as we please, and our joints get looked after in the process. I wish we had found this earlier.”

Tom and Elizabeth Jacobs – Birmingham

 “My Mother is 78 years old, and has suffered a heart attack, sciatica and leg ulcers for 2 years. We tried everything to get her to move around her flat for exercise, but she lives on her own and, well, who keeps that up? One day I showed her one of Howards T’ai Chi videos and we tried a few of the steps together. I stopped after a few minutes, expecting her to sit down but Mom kept going! She just loves doing the steps and now she is moving in circles and shifting her weight and is getting all the things ‘Doctor ordered’ – all thanks to Mr Gibbon’s Tai Chi videos”

Dave Shillito – Leeds

Some Tai Chi Research:

“Tai Chi is a collection of mental and physical activities designed to relieve tension in your body and mind.., can help release inner energy and reduce stress, so you will be happy, more content and relaxed”

Dr Ralph Laforge, San Diego Cardiac Centre

Tai Chi can also improve your balance…

“Tai Chi can significantly cut the risk of falls among older people. People taking part in a 15 week Tai Chi programme reduced their risk of falling by 47.5%”

Rachel Kelly, The Times

…and relieve back problems…

Once you incorporate Tai Chi into your life, your metabolic rate will increase and the digestive process is improved. It’s also wonderful for neck tension, relieving back problems and is excellent for increasing flexibility in joints.

Tai Chi’s health benefits for the elderly…

An interesting study has been con-ducted by researchers at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA into the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for elderly people.

“The researchers demonstrated that Tai Chi, the ancient oriental art of flowing movement exercises to restore the natural flow of energy within the body seems to help elderly people avoid falls due to postural instability. The report concluded that, although Tai Chi does not improve measures of postural stability in the same way as the modern technique of computerized balance training, the regular practise of the flowing movements of Tai Chi helps elderly people who would otherwise be subject to falls maintain their stability and balance.”

The effect of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and computerised balance training on postural stability in older subjects. Phys Therapy (USA)1 997,77/4 (371-384)

And if that wasn’t enough, have a look at the short article below, written by the University of Maryland Medical Center in December 2002…

“Specifically, it is beneficial for chronic pain, gout, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, headaches, and sleep disorders. Tai chi is also beneficial for the immune system and the central nervous system, which makes it especially good for people with a chronic illness, anxiety, depression, or any stress-related conditions.”

So as you can see, the health benefits of Tai Chi are not only understood and appreciated by me, my colleagues and students, and tens of millions of people worldwide, they’re also recognised by the medical community and University researchers across the globe.

P.S. Remember. When you register to The Tai Chi Beginners Programme, you’ll discover the simple yet powerful Tai Chi techniques which will help you achieve good health and full-body wellness for the rest of your life. Simple to follow, you only need a few minutes of quiet time each day to enjoy the full health benefits of these impact free exercises. So make sure you order right now, today, while you’re reading this, and start your journey down the path to self-discovery, and self-mastery, of your body’s energy centres, emotions and full-body health. Order today.

Learn online using your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV

The Beginners Online Training is Normally £12.95pm - For You Only £9pm

Try the programme that suits you best Free for 30 Days. If you decide to remain a member after the trial period there is nothing to do your subscription will continue automatically. If you don't wish to continue, just drop me an email before the 30 days are up, and I will cancel your subscription.

The Silver Online Training is Normally £20.00pm - Today For You Only £15pm


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