Tai Chi Courses for 2020

Please Note: The kitchen is out of bounds so bring a flask or a drink of some kind with you.

We won't be doing any hands on exercises just the Tai Chi form, Dao Yin, Kai men etc. Sword outside if weather permits.

No four directional breathing at the end of the warm up.

Instructor Master Howard Gibbon

2 Day Autumn Tai Chi/Feng Shou  Course - Friday 6th to Saturday 7th November

10am to 4pm - with grading for eligible students Book here

Venue: The Village Hall, Holme On Moor, East Yorkshire.

Sat 5th December  Holme On Moor 10am to 4pm Tai Chi/Dao Yin/Kai Men/Meditation


The Village Hall Holme On Moor, East Yorkshire. Map

Howard’s Holme On Spalding Moor Day Course Fee £60

 Chris Hezcko - Rotherham 

Hi Howard, Just wanted to say thank you once again for coming over to Rotherham and sharing some of you vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the Arts with us. I know everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you. 

Kind Regards