I didn’t do my usual Tai Chi practise

A some time ago I received a lesson in how easy it is to lapse with one’s practise.

Whilst enjoying a holiday visiting some of my wife Gisela’s relations in Berlin. A beautiful city by the way and we will visit again as there was much to see we didn’t have time for.

Whilst there I didn’t do my usual morning Tai Chi practise, instead we were off exploring the city everyday. I was in Berlin in 1965 serving with the British Armed Forces there, but at 18yrs old most of what I saw was bars and training areas in the forest. So this was a new exciting experience. I did manage one practise session, one day out of 10, yes shocking I know.

On my return two day before I was due to take a course up here in Scarborough I was faced with tons of mail and emails by the score. Ah! back to reality as they say. So the first day back home, instead of my usual morning Tai Chi practise, I tackled the work load, it was tedious in the extreme.

The next day it was cold and drizzling with rain. There was till a long way to go to get rid of the pile of work in front of me. But now I was aware that I was becoming complacent and finding it so easy to find excuses for not returning to my daily practise. I forced myself to go outside and practise,

Once outside suitable dressed for the weather. I began my practise and a few moves later thanked God for the blessing of Tai Chi. I felt like a thirsty man being given a glass of sparkling, clear, fresh water. And I eagerly drank it in.

I allowed myself 25 minutes practise and then return to the work. Now my mood was joyful and positive and the work flowed smoothly, unlike the day before when it all seemed so laborious.

The next day I picked up Paul my longest serving student from the station and we spent an hour or so together talking about our experiences from our training and interaction with our students.

Later at the course, I had a fantastic time, teaching and training with some wonderful people. Now back on track I am hoping this message may bring some of you back to your Tai Chi practise. It is so easy to break a good habit, yet so difficult to start one and keep it going. Go on then get out there and enjoy some Tai Chi.

by Howard Gibbon

© Copyright 2014 Howard Gibbon – all rights reserved

About the Author Howard Gibbon

Howard, who was a student of the late Grand Master Chee Soo for 21 years has been practicing and teaching the Lee Style of Tai Chi and related arts since 1973.

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