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Customer Testimonials

Morning Howard, On my road to recovery from covid, I decided to look through my collection of Tai Chi DVDs and came across ‘The Secret Island’ breathing exercises.  What a wonderful DVD, and just the boost I need at the moment.  Truly is a ‘little gem’ for brightening anyone’s day.

Kind regards. Margaret - HOSM East Yorkshire

Hi Howard, Just to let you know that the DVD's arrived safely, thanks so much!
I'm really pleased with them.. and wanted to thank you for making them... I'm sure that I speak for many if I say that it's a great thing you've done - to preserve this wonderful style for all time. I've had Chee Soo's books for over 20 years, but your DVD's are really "...and then some"! Thank you also for putting me on the mailing list.
Best Regards Marek - Czech Republik

Hi Howard, Just to say the Tai Chi DVD is wonderful! Although I realise this pronouncement won't come as a surprise to you I just wanted to add my name to the list of appreciative students. As promised, it is exactly like having you in the room but without the amusing anecdotes! I am concentrating solely on 1-50 at the moment and learning the names of the sets.

Thanks Lesley - Howden, East Yorkshire

Hi Howard, The Silver trial it is! Thank you *so much* for doing all that you do to help all of us on the other side of the world to reinvigorate our long-lost Lee Style practice. Regards -- Eric - Corvallis, USA

Hi Howard, I'm pleased to be able to let you know that I am regularly  using my 50- 101 DVD (of the 2-3) disc I bought. I'm using the lockdown to extend my familiarity with the later numbers and am enjoying taking my time with it - no pressure and the huge benefits I feel after completing it in terms of feeling physically realigned and de-stressed!

Regards Ann - Cleveland, UK

Dear Sifu,  As to how I started with the Lee style… Well, when I was sixteen years old (twenty years ago), I was living with my mother in a small town in Northwest Montana, only about 100 miles from where I live now. Back then my mother received a copy of Master Soo’s original book ‘The Art of Tai Chi Ch'uan from her mother. Grandmother from England originally but moved to the US when she was still a teenager and never went back. I’m not sure if she was interested in Tai Chi, as she has long since passed away, but I remember that my mother was interested in it a little. However, I remember being VERY interested right away and immediately started teaching myself to the best of my ability from the book. I have always loved the Lee style, but the truth is that the lack of teachers here has made in nearly impossible to stay with over the years. I tried other styles several times, but found them completely inadequate and left them immediately. So, off and on I’ve practiced the Lee style without guidance for all of these years, from a new copy of the old book (the old tattered original is long gone), falling in and out of practise, and never quite finishing the whole form more than once or twice. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally found your website!!

I don’t know what else to say! Thank you, thank you so very much,

Eric Mitchell – Montana, USA

Hi Howard, First of all thanks for such a fantastic set of Beginners online training videos. I learn best when I can repeat one movement over and over and your videos let me do that. I have learned loads from the Beginners videos and my technique is tweaked in class. The videos have given me a great introduction to Tai Chi form. Following my class to day with Sue I would like to upgrade my online membership to the Silver Level to continue some of the work that I was introduced to today in class.

Thanks, Dave Mason - Sunderland

Many thanks for the swiftness in sending me the training manual, now that is what I call excellent service .  Lis Allan - Edinburgh

Hello Howard, I Would like to say thank you for your excellent Tai Chi Short form DVD for beginners.  I have finally mastered 15 sets this week - started since I ordered the DVD -  and I am still practising every morning and sometime in the evening as well to get the moves right and also the moves flowing from one set to the next in the sequence.  It was hard at first but rewarding and I find myself enjoying it.  You have made it easy to follow and made it accessible for people like me struggling to attend classes and also to learn at my own pace at own home.  I like the part when it repeats itself and also to view each set at different angles, especially the front.  I decided to take up tai chi for the very first time and also for the health benefits it brings after an accident last year.  Each week I started to see improvements in strength and confidence within myself.  I also feel much feel better afterwards.  I am looking forward to learn the breathing exercises. Once again thank you very much and wish you and your wife all the best for the future.

Ms Yuk Man Chan - Batley, West Yorkshire

Hello Howard,

Thank you for the quick response, my Feng Shou Set DVD order is now successfully in place and I’m looking forward to seeing the new Evasion DVD in particular. I’m afraid that my training is very sporadic these days. Unfortunately for me I work on very large printing machines which only really make money if they are run 24/7 ….so I end up working lots of nights, days and weekends which makes being a member of a group awkward, I therefore find the DVD’s invaluable, along with your monthly E-mails for keeping me ‘in touch’ with what is a truly wonderful art and lifestyle. One day I will be able resume group training ….it’s just a matter of when.

Kind regards, Ian Evans – Leeds

“Mr. Gibbon I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy doing business with you. I appreciate the time you have taken to assist me with locating specific Tai Chi videos, and music, that have caught my attention in your e-mails. When you perform tai chi in your videos, you capture the beauty of this art, and your choice of music has proved to be valuable. I am referring to the cd titled Serenity that not only provides a sense of being in the moment, but also permeates the body into the spirit within, allowing the spirit to take control so the body flows with the moves. Mr. Gibbon, your professional experience in this field is truly exhibited in your video’s. I am also very pleased with your Tai Chi DVD The Secret Island. Your teaching methods make it easy to learn and manage the postures. Adding the benefit of each posture is very helpful. Thank you Howard, and Gisela for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and talent.” Watching you both practice T’ai Chi together, in total synchronisation, is very calming and relaxing.

Cindy - Indiana, USA

Hi Howard, Love your Tai Chi DVDs and the blog posts, I try to do the exercises but fail miserably in some especially when it comes to balance as I am close to 80 and my balance ain’t what it used to be. I will admit I am getting better at it, I only wish I had started this years ago. I noticed an exercise you did for asthmatics, as I am one I tried it and it works, thank you.

Judy – South Australia

Howard is a superb teacher. I have learnt the short form from his excellent and painstaking DVD. Being unable to find a style I enjoyed which was taught at a reasonable hour for me his Tai Chi DVD has been a godsend. I am only sorry that I cannot attend his classes in person. I thank him sincerely for his thoughtful and precise work.

Paul Hillman- Kent, UK

Hi Howard, I have just ordered a new Tai Chi DVD so thought I’d take a quick minute to pass on my thanks in advance for this and all previous ones received. They are an absolutely invaluable aid to learning – to watch, work alongside, refresh memory or sometimes just to relax in front of! New ones seem to arrive so speedily too (you must be using good energy at the post office!).

Hello Howard,

Thank you for the very quick delivery of the three Tai Chi DVDs. I used to train and can just about manage to get to no.67 of the form before having to check through my book. Now it is much easier to rewind the DVD and go over the moves until I get them right.

Regards, Kathleen Foster – Durham, UK

Thank you, Howard, for speedy delivery of Tai Chi DVD, which arrived yesterday and I have also printed your eBook. I have practiced with your DVD and find it easy to understand and great for learning. It is daunting when you first start to learn Tai Chi when you see all the moves you have to remember for feet, hands, arms & legs all at once, but you have broken it down into ‘bite size’ chunks which makes it much more manageable. The eBook is very helpful & informative.

Caroline Boom – Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire, UK

Hello Howard,

To build on the instruction I have at my classes, it is very helpful watching your Tai Chi DVD in between to refresh my memory. A book with photos can prove difficult at times but being able to watch your movements on DVD enables me to “watch and practice” at the same time. The repetition of each move is particularly helpful. So far I think the thrill I get from Tai Chi is when I feel the energies moving in and around me and I always feel in a better place after my class. I do enjoy your newsletter too so I may as well thank you for that at the same time! I have a lot to learn! Please use any part of it that you feel appropriate for your readers. Thank you – I feel quite chuffed that my comments are valued!

Thank you for sending my Tai Chi DVD so promptly (it arrived yesterday, ordered Friday). I have recently joined a class in Rotherham and this DVD will be of great help to me in conjunction with my class. I am new to Tai Chi and finding it most enjoyable.

I keep meaning to thank you for the speed of your deliveries, my last order for Tai chi staff dvd was only 48 hours from me actually posting the order off to you to the package pushed through my letterbox. Thank you very much.

Thank you both very much for your excellent Tai Chi Short Form training Manual. I find the manual well written and easy to understand. I also found Howard’s positive outlook very encouraging. Thank you also for your Christmas good wishes and the interesting articles in your news letters. I am so pleased to have found your internet site and look forward to the next news letter, also to obtaining further manuals/DVDs when I am ready?

Hi Howard, “I wanted to give you my feedback on the Tai Chi DVD’s I bought from you. I have now had a chance to review them all, form and flying hands, and I think they are excellent. You have done a great service to Lee Style Tai Chi by putting out such an excellent learning tool.”

“Now that Chee Soo is no longer with us as a teacher and model it is really important that his best and most knowledgable instructors pass on their knowledge in a form that shows how the system is meant to be performed. This is the best set that I have seen put onto DVD. It won’t replace learning with a good instructor but it will help the diligent and committed student progress and self check their learning against the movements of someone who really knows and understands the system. It will help create the common link and understanding about how to practice that, for years to come, will continue to maintain the legacy which Chee Soo has left us and which it is our honour and duty to maintain.” I am looking forward to the publication of the final section of the flying hands. I was working on the 120-150 section when Mike Stanley left Coventry and so never managed to complete the whole set. I hope now to work on this over the winter. I can’t recall if I thanked you for including a copy of your book with my previous order. I enjoyed reading it. Like all those who practice the system but did not train with Chee Soo personally I have a hunger to understand more about the man who left us this system and who had such a profound influence on the lives of those who trained, and stuck with him.

Carl Pearson - Coventry

I received my copies of your Tai Chi Chuan (Vol 1) & TC Dance DVD’s last Saturday.

I’m also enjoying your Book “Student of a Master”, but haven’t finished it yet.

As I’m trying to savour every sentence. It’s well written & your dedication to Chee Soo & the Lee Arts shines out from its pages. I especially liked your explanation about Yin & Yang. It cleared up several things I’d been puzzling over.

Thanks again. Respect Nic

Bravin – Surrey, UK

Hello Howard, I have received my new DVD in the post this morning – so impressed! I only ordered it yesterday afternoon.

 That’s service!


Armin Klaus - Germany

Howard’s classes are very enjoyable, he brings together his great knowledge of the arts with a blend of energy, enthusiasm and humour which is unique. I found that I have learnt many different aspects to the Tai chi after attending his weekend courses and the last summer course.

Howard’s DVDs are an excellent aid to training, they show the movements in precise detail along with in-depth commentary. I have found them extremely useful in between weekend courses.

As a practitioner of Tai Chi, I am obviously already a ‘fan’ – otherwise I wouldn’t have kept it up (on and off) for years. Having said that I’ve met various teachers over the years, but I have always appreciated Howard’s teaching approach – combining a true mastery of the arts with a very personable and engaging approach for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

‘Really like the new website – (it’s in bright colours so I’m sold from the start) – plenty of good relevant information and useful links.

David Hall – Retford, UK

Using Tai Chi to help others gain better health and happiness.

Then help them share that with others.