June Course Feedback

Hi Howard, I just wanted to say thank you for the training yesterday, I really enjoyed it, especially the daoyin exercises. I have learnt a lot and come away with a lot to practise, such as making sure my knee is not turned in on my dragon stances. At first I wasn't sure how to correct it but Mark told me to think of it like the riding horse stance, where you push your knees out rather than bending forwards, and now I get it and can feel (and see) the difference. I just need to remind myself of it every time now until it becomes automatic. Thank you for all the refinements on the dance as well. It is such a great day at Scarborough as the people are all really friendly and everybody is happy to show you something you don't know. I suppose that's because the majority of people who attend (or at least attended yesterday) are running a class, so more than happy to teach others.

Anyway, take care for now and hopefully we will see you for one or two days on the Summer course.

All the Best Kate - Wakefield

About the Author Howard Gibbon

Howard, who was a student of the late Grand Master Chee Soo for 21 years has been practicing and teaching the Lee Style of Tai Chi and related arts since 1973.