Loftus Tai Chi groups

Loftus Community Hub, 4 High Street, Loftus. TS13 4HW.

Tai Chi Taster for Absolute Beginners – starts Wednesday, 8th January, 10.00am-11.00am

Regular Tai Chi class –   every Friday 10.00am-11.30am

Contact:   Chris: 07494719515

Christine Duffield receiving her Tai Chi teachers certificate from Master Howard Gibbon Aug 2018

Profile – Chris Duffield

I began practicing Tai Chi originally as a compliment to my regular yoga classes but soon discovered there is so much more to this ancient, Chinese art than simple exercise. Always a competitor from childhood, at first I found Tai Chi’s effortless nature almost impossible; because I associated exercise with force, pain, sweat and tension. The goal of Tai Chi being to move through a series of choreographed movements like a slow martial arts routine, but very slowly and in a state of absolute relaxation; making Tai Chi a surprisingly effective workout!

Following intensive coaching and mentoring from my Tai Chi instructor, Gordon Winton and attending EWTA summer school, I gained my instructors certificate while living in Malta, where I established my first classes. Now relocated in the UK, I have established classes in Loftus.

Why not come along and experience the magic of Tai Chi for yourself? Our classes are suitable for all ages and body types. No experience or special equipment is required, just comfortable, loose clothing.

Here are a few comments from our Tai Chi group:

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are; it’s really good in calming a person down. T’ai Chi has helped me greatly since I joined my class last August.” – Lizzie

“After wanting to try T’ai Chi for a while, a local class came up in Loftus. Chris makes you feel very welcome, explains the moves clearly to enable us to easily follow. I love coming to this class, I feel energised and have a clear mind when I leave. I love it!” – Sharon North East