Join our friendly Tai Chi Group for some relaxing exercise

St. John`s Church Hall, Church Lane, Sewerby, Bridlington
(Opposite the entrance to Sewerby Hall)

Tai Chi Instructor Mark Kirby Telephone 01723 372839

Mark Kirby is a Regional Instructor for The East West Taoist Association.
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What is Tai Chi?
Also called Tai Chi Ch`uan this is an ancient Chinese system of health improvement and personal development, which comprises a series of slow, graceful, flowing movements that promote harmony between body and mind. The movements can help strengthen joints, increase suppleness, increase vitality, improve posture, and balance all without unnecessary strain.

With this page we hope to answer any queries and hopefully spark a little interest about a very special ancient Art.

Who can practice it?
The training is varied and the many benefits accessible to every one of all abilities just come along join in everything and you will soon notice the benefits.

What do l need?
Comfortable fitting shoes trainers are fine, trousers should be loose and not to tight around the waist and of course a smile as you will hopefully enjoy yourself.

What will l learn?
We will teach you all the aspects of the wonderful Lee Family including:
Tai Chi Form Stance work
Tai Chi Dance Sticky hands
Kai men (Taoist Yoga) Chi expressions
Dao Yin (breathing exercises) Whirling hands/arms

And sometimes a little self defence or some of our dynamic weapons forms.