Tai Chi, West Boldon, Sunderland

New Beginners T’ai Chi Class

Your first session is free

Starting 5th January 2023 Thursdays 10:00-11:00am

Boldon Community Centre, New Road. Bolden Colliery NE35 9DS Map

Profile for Susan Bird:
Susan has over 30 years experience practicing The Lee Style of Tai Chi and Feng Shou and is one of The East West Taoist Associations Chief Instructor Howard Gibbon’s longest serving students. Now a Regional Coach for Cleveland and Scotland Susan continues to train with Howard at his monthly courses as well as the annual Spring, Summer & Autumn Courses held in Holme On Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.  Susan runs weekly classes, holds regular gradings and training courses locally to help pass on this beautiful art to students and instructors in the area.

Susan Bird’s grades are: 5th Tengchi in T’ai Chi. Area Coach for  EWTA. North East of England

Who can practice it?
We welcome anyone who is interested in learning our arts  to come along no matter what level of fitness. Just join in and you will soon feel the benefits. Our arts are truly amazing.

What do l need?
All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn, oh and a smile… hopefully you are going to enjoy yourself! To start training, please wear light training shoes and loose fitting clothing. You can obtain  training kit once you become a member of our association.

What will l learn?
The foundations of our arts, Stances, The Golden Principles. Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Dance, Sticky hands, Kai men (Taoist Yoga) Chi work. Dao Yin (breathing exercises), Whirling hands/arms. All these elements will help you to improve happiness and health. There are also opportunities to practice with weapons, grade and enhance training on day courses both locally and nationwide.

Yes. In a Feng Shou class you will learn many different techniques that develop your self-defence skills. Feng Shou will increase fitness levels, enhance health thereby boosting self-esteem and confidence. One of the most important differences in our style to those that rely on brute strength, is that we teach the development and utilisation of Chi or intrinsic energy developing beyond the brawn. Therefore no matter what your experience, whether you are young or old, male or female, you can with practice develop your skills in this wondrous art of self-defence.

For details of local training courses please email Susan at bridgessusan@hotmail.co.uk

Please call your instructor Susan for any more information about this wondrous art on : 07981832409 or 0191 5518802