Easter Tai Chi Course

James Anderson from Edinburgh. Receiving his District Coach Award at the Easter Tai Chi course in Scarborough.

Eva Everitt from Sleights, North Yorkshire. Receiving her District Coach Award at the Easter Tai Chi course in Scarborough.

Dear Howard, Thank you very much for the two enthralling days. Varied , interesting and very useful. It was really good to finally meet Gisela. Best Wishes, Robin. Horbury, West Yorkshire

Hi Howard, Enjoyed Saturdays course, learnt a lot as usual, it’s amazing how much I don’t know. But as they say the pleasure is in the journey not the destination. Regards Les - Barrow in Furness

Dear Howard, I'd like to thank you for Saturdays training day, it is great to be amongst so many wonderful practitioners of the arts. Gary - Hull

Hi Howard, Thank you for a great Easter Course. It was wonderful to be back and always so much to learn. You always have some gems of information and instruction that change how something feels. I fully expected to be exhausted after a busy week at work, drive to Scarborough then two full days. Instead I came away invigorated and with that hunger to learn more that comes with immersing myself in Tai Chi and Feng Shou days and being able to forget the stresses and busyness of every day life. It was great to see everyone again too.
It's so important particularly as a teacher to get to the courses and be a student again, to challenge ourselves and be inspired. It is not always easy to make the drive as by the time Friday comes I've done a 52 hour week between work and classes. I was in the loft at 10pm on Thursday night getting an overnight case and packing and sorting out food to take. Then I drove on Friday after teaching two sessions. The rewards of being on the course always far outweigh the journey to get there and back. When I was driving back it struck me that over the many years and trips to Scarborough I've also been blessed with the most awe inspiring skies on my journey home. There is something very magical and liberating about being in the car on your own, singing along to great music and driving into an expansive dusky horizon of ever changing cloud patterns. Last night I saw the sky change through shades of colour which we don't have words to describe. I wished I'd had a dash cam to record it but I knew filming it would never truly capture that beauty. What a wonderful gift. Thanks again for a great course. Angela - Edinburgh

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Howard, who was a student of the late Grand Master Chee Soo for 21 years has been practicing and teaching the Lee Style of Tai Chi and related arts since 1973.

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