I send out a weekly email that many people find encouraging and inspiring.

Here is an email I received recently:

Hi Howard,

Another welcome pearl of wisdom. I'm not one for blogs, facebook and other social media communication, but thought I had to write to say something in an email - some may say thats the old fashioned way these days. Thanks for  all your pearls of wisdom over the last 12 months, particularly during the period of the pandemic, your thoughts and ideas are always a welcome perspective on life and have certainly been a beacon of positivity. From your encouragement, and working from home, I now manage  45 mins Tai Chi at the start of the day, 3 or 4 days each week. It makes a big difference and balances me up for the day.
Thanks again for the support over the year, have a healthy and happy Christmas, and let's all hope for a happier and more healthy 2021.

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