2019 Summer Course Pictures

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Hi Howard, Thank you for a really good course. I thoroughly enjoyed every day (despite the heat!). The combination of training with yourself and other students really helps to improve my practise and I think my teaching too.

Thanks again, Pat - Horbury, West Yorkshire

 My daughter and I recently attended the summer school, travelling from Australia. We thought it was well worth the 3 day journey each way , learnt heaps and met lovely people who gave us advice and help very generously. Thank you Howard and others, especially Sue. Jean, Australia

 Hello Howard, I’ve just had the opportunity to have a look at your photo gallery from this years’ Summer Course and although I attended for the first time for one day want to say “thank you very much” to your good self and the other students and Instructors I had the privilege of training with. I do feel it has helped my confidence increase and I have learned a lot more from everyone. Looking forward to training with you again in November and to attending next years’ Summer Course hopefully for more than one day. 
Best wishes, Dorothy, Susan's Ryhope Class, Sunderland

 Good Morning Howard, I wanted to thank you for not only the photo's but you and everyone else who attended for their time and consideration, I feel I have gone forward and learnt a great deal I thoroughly enjoyed the week, hot though it was and hope to repeat the same next year.
kind regards Mark Chimiczewski, Sunderland

Hi Howard, those lovely pictures you took at the 2019 Tai Chi Summer course and sent through to all participants prompt me  express my heartfelt thanks to yourself and everyone there for the exceedingly warm and generous support, guidance and encouragement I received at this course, my first ever and surely not the last. 

As a student I had my doubts that I might not be 'good enough' to 'keep up' with others (despite repeated assurances from my own instructor, Angela, that such courses are for everyone, not just instructors).  But as it turned out, I had tremendous fun meeting and training with such a varied bunch of fellow enthusiasts of Lee Tai Chi from different  parts of the country and indeed of the world -- all equally welcoming and generous, to be sure. I also feel that I have progressed considerably as a result of this companionable three-day immersion training (playing it safe, I thought I'd start with a 3-day participation). Clearly, in this family it is true that no one gets left behind; and that in this art, the only one I need to 'keep up with' is myself and my own journey.

I would highly recommend such courses to students at any level (and stress to them that even just 2-3 days make a significant difference).  Of course it was a particular privilege to practise with and learn from yourself, Howard, most especially numbers 1-50 of the sword! 

Gratefully, Iris Jean-Klein, Edinburgh

Thank you for a fantastic course it was pitched just right and thank you to everyone who came . Amazing isn’t , every year students and instructors from afar come together and train for 5 whole days come rain or shine.
Trevor, Mark and Dorothy, who attended for the first time this year, remarked how much they enjoyed the course valuing the extra time to learn and practise and the opportunity to meet new people who share their enthusiasm for the arts. Priceless.

Best wishes Susan Bird, Sunderland

Hi Howard, Thank you for a really good course. I thoroughly enjoyed every day(despite the heat!). The combination of training with yourself and other students really helps to improve my practise and I think my teaching too.

Thanks again Pat - Ossett, West Yorkshire

I also wish to say a big thank you for another excellent summer course. It's always a pleasure to train with you and receive your expert tuition and guidance. We, your students, are privileged to have a true Tai Chi Master to help us on our personal journeys of discovery on the path of our arts. Thank you also for simply being a sincerely genuine, humble and thoroughly nice person.
Kind Regards

Chris Rotherham, South Yorkshire

 Hi Howard, Great week training with you and all the gang. Hope to see you soon. 

Please send Gisela my best wishes take care Gordon - Redcar, Cleveland

 Hi Howard, Many thanks for sending me the photographs of this year’s Summer Course. The very hot weather we had during the course this year certainly had everyone regularly reaching for bottles of cold water, but all of us attending carried on through the week undaunted. I have never experienced such high temperatures in the UK before , but the work put in by yourself and the other teachers ensured that even when we ‘gently simmered’ in the heat that we all had a great time.
Training with you always makes me realise the very high level of skill and knowledge in our Lee Style Arts that you possess, and the clear need for me to keep training and learning from you.
Once again, all those attending the course were helpful and very friendly and for those who came down from Scotland for the first time to the ‘Summer Course ‘ this made it a course for them to be fondly remembered. Everyone worked together, allowing us to all gain more skills and enhance our Lee Style abilities. Without doubt , we really do have a great bunch of lovely people in the EWTA.
I look forward to seeing and training with you again in the future.
Jim Anderson - Edinburgh