2021 Summer Course Pictures

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It was a great course. Thank you Howard and all the wonderful patient teachers. I learnt so much and really enjoyed it even when I found it challenging. Great group of people . Ellie Roberts - Nottingham

Just got back home after doing two days of Howard’s summer course. I’ve really enjoyed being with a lot of other very enthusiastic students, Instructors and our remarkable Chief Instructor Howard. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your company, friendship and above all sharing your knowledge with me and helping me to learn more and improve further. I look forward to meeting up with everyone again soon.Thank you for the delicious flapjack Pat and the Banana loaf Chris. Best wishes, Dorothy Potts - Sunderland

Really enjoyed my two days with you all. Thank you for all your help. Looks like you all enjoyed the meal. Mags Eames - Sheffield

We had a fantastic time as we always do at the summer school. Highly recommended to all EWTA students of any level. Everyone there to help and support each other under the expert guidance our our Master, Howard GibbonChris Heczko - Rotherham

Thanks to Mark Kirby, another highly skilled instructor, for all the help he gave to us all. Many blessings.  Susan Bird - Sunderland

 Hi Howard, Great week training with you and all the gang. Hope to see you soon. 

Please send Gisela my best wishes take care Gordon - Redcar, Cleveland

Thank you everyone at summer school for the long form demonstration this morning. Beautiful to watch. Thanks also to Mark from Scarborough for the most excellent one to one lesson; it helped a lot and moved the job along that little bit further! Lesley Darlington - Howden