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Tai Chi Summer Course

Good Food And Good Company

Check out all the photos and 

feedback from last years course

here: Summer 2021Tai Chi Course

Scarborough Tai Chi Summer Course

Starts 10am Monday ?nd Aug to 4pm Friday ?th Aug 2022

Venue: The Village Hall, Holme On Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire. Map

Chief Tai Chi Instructor: Master Howard Gibbon

Don’t Miss Out On This Special Tai Chi Course!

And only £300.00 for the Full weeks Tai Chi course

There are a limited amount of places available for those not able to attend the full Tai Chi Summer Course week.

Places to stay

 http://www.yeolderedlionhotel.co.uk/home.html Tel: 01430 860220 a five minute walk from the training hall.  The pub serves freshly cooked food. 11 of us had a meal there together last year, the food was very good and the company wonderful.

Pocklington is also a lovely place about 20 minutes drive away A google search would be best here as there are but this has accomodation and serves food https://www.thefeatherspocklington.co.uk/

Also nearby is the https://www.yorkway-motel.co.uk/ Tel: 01759 361791 only 12 minutes from the hall by car. Two students stopped there last year and reported that it was excellent.

A Travelodge at South Cave is 15 minutes drive from the hall: Sat nav postcode HU15 1 SA Tel: 08719 846147.

Please email or phone Howard stating the days you are attending.

No matter how long you have been practising our special art of Tai Chi you will learn a great deal more, and most importantly improve your understanding of our very unique Ta i Chi style. There will be other highly skilled Tai Chi instructors in attendance, and this opportunity to train with them should not be missed. This is an investment which will vastly improve the quality of your Tai Chi and give you an insight into our other fascinating arts presented during the week.

We have outside training space plus large hall and kitchen facilities. Below is a brief overview of what to expect. You will need to have a flexible attitude, however, as the days may well get rearranged to suit weather conditions. Two years ago we had lots of rain during the course of the week but worked with the weather, changing the training schedule to suit conditions and had what can only be described as a brilliant week’s Tai Chi training.

Tai Chi Summer Course Schedule

Monday 2nd Aug 10am to 4pm Tai Chi all day.

Meditation, Tai Chi Form, Dao Yin, Kai Men, Dance, Silk, I Fu Shou.

Tuesday 3rd Aug 10am to 4pm

Meditation, Tai Chi Form, Dao Yin, Kai Men, Dance, Staff, Sword.

Wednesday 4th Aug 10am to 4pm
Meditation, Tai Chi Form, Dao Yin, Kai Men, Dance, Staff, Sword.

Thursday 5th Aug 10am to 4pm

Feng Shou

Friday 6th Aug 10am to 4pm

Meditation, Tai Chi Form, Dao Yin, Kai Men, Dance, Staff, Sword.


Venue: The Village Hall, Holme On Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire. Map


Please email or phone Howard stating the days you are attending.

Some Feedback From last years Tai chi Summer Course attendees:

Hi Howard, This years  Summer Course was something special. Thank you passing on your wealth of experience and knowledge to us all I  feel my T'ai Chi and Feng Shou is about to take a leap forward once I assimilate the enhancements you highlighted. That means  I will have to practice the things you shared of course. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came for creating a great atmosphere. I sensed a lot of genuine kindness and mutual support and feel blessed to have been part of such a great experience. I always look forward to training on the monthly courses but do you think it would be an idea to have a winter course as well because, 12 months is a long time to wait for the opportunity to immerse yourself in the arts for 5 whole days. I enjoyed meeting and training with new people who came from abroad. I hope to see them again next year.   Best Wishes, Susan Bird - Sunderland

Hi, Howard, My feedback for the summer school sooner. “ A fantastic opportunity to meet and be a part of this wonderful, Tai Chi family where goodwill, help, support and a goodly dose of humour was the order of every enjoyable day. I learned so much; not only about the aspects of Tai Chi but also about myself.” Thank you, Howard, for your dedication and continued support. I’ll definitely be back! Christine Duffield - Malta

Dear Howard, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the summer course this year. It was perfectly pitched for everyone including those who were relatively new to tai chi as well as the more advanced students. We all gained so much knowledge and insight thanks to your calm and patient instruction and guidance. It was truly a master class in every sense. Practicing for so many days surrounded by such wonderful generous people was an honour. It is a great testament to you that you have created such a family feeling of support and encouragement amongst your students. Attending the summer course buoys me up for all the practice times when I am alone at home albeit with your excellent on-line training course. I was greatly honoured to achieve the second Tengchi grading but I know that it is only thanks to your dedication and that of my teacher in Edinburgh, Angela. Thank you so much. Thanks for everything as ever - I am looking forward to next year's course already. All the best, Geraldine Jones - Edinburgh

Hi Master Howard you asked for some feedback at first l was over whelmed by all the black shirts and the energy in the room, my teacher Margaret charmed me down and made me realise that they were part of a family and we all help each other. I must thank her for giving her time up instead of getting helped herself as she was only there for the day (I get it Margaret I do). I have a better understanding of our unique Tai Chi style with all the help I received I improved my quality enough to gain two grades. I feel fortunate and privileged to be able to train along side you Master and my thanks to all who helped me over the five days of training which put a lot of strain on my knees but I enjoyed it. My father said remember three moments in a journey realising I was part of a family seeing Chris getting his well deserved blue belt and the sunrise in the morning tops it off. My best wishes to all the family around the world and at home.  Victor Denton - Sheffield

Dear Howard, Thank You for this beautiful week. I received more than expected. Best Wishes to You and Gisela - Bernard Noel - Zurich, Switzerland

Hi Howard, Thank you for a really enjoyable summer course. The content, people, atmosphere were all good. I learnt a lot and hope I remember some of it!   Regards, Pat - Ossett

Hi Howard, Just wanted to say thanks again for a great Feng Shou day on Friday, sorry once again not to attend both days as planned. It is really great to take part in a proper Feng Shou class. I can't wait until Thomas is old enough so I can start going to Mark's class again, but that is a while off. I think I would be a lot further on if I attended a weekly class but I suppose I am learning to be patient, there is no rush. Anyway, great to see you and Gisela, take care and see you again soon.   Best Wishes, Kate - Dewsbury

Hello Howard, Just wish to say a massive thank you for another amazing Tai Chi / Feng Shou summer course. Once again, due to your vast wealth of knowledge, experience and generosity you delivered a course jam packed full of valuable information and insight, together with priceless 'hands on' practice. I particularly enjoyed what was essentially a masterclass in the Lee style short form, moves 1 to 50. I am sure everyone will have gained significant benefit from this and a better understanding of some of the finer details that will help us to improve and refine our practice. In addition, I also enjoyed working with the other experienced students, as everyone always tries to help each other wherever they can and helping the several new students who showed great focus and enthusiasm throughout the week. Indeed, congratulations to all those who achieved gradings in either Tai Chi and or Feng Shou. Of course it would have been nice to do more, more, more but as the old saying goes "you cannot get a quart in a pint pot".
Looking forwards to the next training day already.   Very best wishes to you, Chris Heczko - Rotherham

Hi Howard, I really enjoyed the Summer Course last week. It was good to catch up with you and lots of old friends. There really is a supportive almost family feel to the course. People are really helpful to each other and happy to share their knowledge. At the same time new people also feel welcomed. It was good to refine my Tai Chi, practice dance and sword and do some more Feng Sau. As always it is good to benefit from your deep knowledge of the Lee Arts and to have the chance to practice with you and other advanced instructors. The Tuesday to Saturday timetable worked well for me. I have booked to come to Scarborough for the courses in October, November and December, and when you fix the summer course dates for next year they will be straight into my diary.   Thanks again, Kind Regards, Carl Pearson - Coventry

Hi Howard, Just getting in touch to firstly tell you how much I enjoyed this years Summer Course. Met a great bunch Students and Teachers and once again learnt much more about our Lee Style from the course. I would just say the ‘wonderful atmosphere’ on any course always starts with your good-self. It’s always a real pleasure to come and train with you. Hopefully, I will have one on my Duddingston class coming down with me to the Summer Course next year, so I would be obliged if you could let me know as soon as you have finalised the dates for next year. Thanks again for sharing your formidable skills and knowledge. I look forward to learning even more when we see you up here in Edinburgh in November. Thank you again for sharing your extensive knowledge of our art and for your excellent practical guidance.   Best Regards, Jim Anderson - Edinburgh